Estimated Time Table

When can my daughter get started?


How long does each phase typical take to complete?


What is the average time table for completion of the Return Service?

Your daughter can start the Return Service if:

  • She is 1-2 weeks post arthroscopic surgery. 

  • She is 3 months post injured ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL, etc) surgery.

  • She is 8-10 weeks post micro-fracture surgery.


Each phase can last anywhere from 1.5 - 2 months with the exception of Phase 1 (physical therapist correspondence and a one day assessment).

The timetable and progression of a player completing the Return Service is completely dependent on: severity of injury, type of surgery, and player's physical response to programmed training regimens by the KPF and 11.11 trainers. A player is able to move to the next phase of the Return Service, with the sign off of the professional opinion and clearance of testing protocols set by the trainer appropriated with each phase.

Training in Detail

What type of strength is done at the Knight Performance Factory?

What type of technical skill work will be done at 11.11Training?

Does my daughter need specific types of shoes or cleats for the training?

Can my daughter do other types of physical activity or play any other

sports during the duration of the Return Service?

Strength training during the Return Service varies through each phase. Phase 1 at KPF is a focus on continuing the therapist effort to Return to Function. Here we put a lot of emphasis on single leg training, but not just with the compromised side. We begin to work on imbalance formed during the recovery process. We tune in on trunk and hip stability as well.  From there we move to Phase 2 where we focus on Return to Performance. At the end of this phase we begin to incorporate change of direction, agility work and lateral movement. There is more bi-lateral or two leg movements. Next, we transition to the Return to Sport phase where we overlap with 11.11 and training looks more like normal strength and conditioning.

In the skills portion of the Return Service, players will focus on developing proper technique in the areas of receiving, service, dribbling and shooting. Within these areas of focus, players will be instructed heavily on the specifics of their foot placement on the ball and their body mechanics and positioning when performing the specific skill. Each session the player will get between 300-500 touches on the ball. This repetition will build both the correct habits of technique needed to help prevent future injury as well as a solid comfort on the ball and with their technical skills. This comfort level is extremely important as players look to build confidence getting back on the ball and onto the field of play again. 

Due to high volume of balance and stability work at Knight Performance Factory, we recommend

each player to purchase proper training shoes to handle the different demands of training (See below).

Once player begins Phase 3 (Regain Comfort on the Ball), player will wear soccer cleats. 


Example: Nike Women's Metcon. (price range- $80.00-$130.00 depending on style). 

We strongly advise that after starting the Return Service, that you cease any other forms of physical 

activity until the program is over. We have experienced cases where players have left the Return service early, believing they were ready to play without our release. This decision resulted in minor set-backs which could have otherwise been avoided. 

Player to Coach Ratio

Will my daughter get individual attention and what does the coaching situation look like?

When working with KPF at any point during the Return Service, your daughter will always have 1 on 1 attention and program design. While there are some generalities to certain injuries, no two athletes recover the same way. The pathway to returning to competition varies, so we want to make sure each athlete follows their path which leads to a proper physical recovery and a confident emotional recovery.


When your daughter is training at 11.11, all sessions will be 1-on-1 with only her and a coach present. In that environment, she will get all complete individualized attention. Every single touch on the ball and step that she takes within the session will be seen by the coach. The coach's ability to see and evaluate every touch on the ball is important to ensure that proper technique and body mechanics are built. With this type of training environment as well, your daughter is in a safe place where she can work on her technical skills and not have any outside, uncontrollable factors effect her in a negative way. It is only her, the ball, and the coach working in a closed space. 

Days/Times/Location to Train

Where will my daughter train during each phase?

What days and times are available to train?

Where are you all located?



During Phase 1 and 2, your daughter will train at Knight Performance Factory. During Phase 3, your daughter will primarily train at the 11.11 Training facility, while maintaining duel sessions at KPF.


Training times vary from player to player. Many logistical variables go into finding the right time: class schedule, practice schedules, homework, physical therapy appointments, other extracurricular activities, to name a few. We will work with you as much as possible to get the desired times, be it AM, Midday or PM Monday-Friday.


When a player progresses to Phase 3 and begins training at 11.11, the available times for training sessions will be in the mornings before school. That time is dependent upon the player's logistics and when they need to be at school in the mornings. Typically players will start their session between 5:45 am or 7:45 am (all sessions last for one hour). There is a shower available at the 11.11 Training facility so players have the capability to shower and get ready at the building after the session and drive straight to school. The available days for training are Monday through Friday.  


Knight Performance Factory: 101 Woodruff Industrial Lane Greenville, SC 29607

11.11 Training Facility: 125 Industrial Dr. Greenville SC, 29601 



How much is the Return Service?

Can I pay in installments?

Do you all take cash, check or credit card?

The price for the Return Service is $600 for 12 sessions. Payment is made in full and up front for all 12 sessions. Once a player has completed all 12 sessions (timetable dependent upon athlete progression and schedule), then the next payment of $600 is made and the player begins their next cycle of 12 sessions. Payment can be made with all major credit cards or by check or cash. 


*In certain situations, if installment payments in lesser amounts are needed, considerations will be made. If that is your situation, please state so up front. 

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